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Mobile App for your Business

"SectorApp" is a mobile application which aims to meet your customer needs on mobile environment and increase interaction between customer and the company


  • Multi Language Support
  • Navigation
  • Push Notification
  • Instant Messaging
  • Social Network Links
  • Ads Managment
  • Şikayet ve Öneriler
  • User Profile
  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Survey
  • Reservation
  • Campany
  • Notifications
  • 360degree Virtual Tour
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    Rezervation System

    Your customer room, restaurant and spa books through the application.

    Room Services

    You can give room services to customer who is accommodation in your hotel.

    Instant Messaging

    Real-time text messaging with users in help of application.

    Push Notification

    Bring your campaign, news and announcements to your customers with push notification.

    Multiple Language Support

    Give services to your customers in Turkish, English, Deutsch, Russian and Arabic languages


    Obtain information and learning your customer opinion and their satisfaction from your services.

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    Service Management

    "ServiceApp" has been developed to manage quickly and accurately work processes with using of mobile devices. You can define your service categories(electricity, cleaning, gardening, Security etc). In this way you can customize your services in line with your business method.

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    Digital Tablet Menu

    Create breakfast, lunch and dinner menus on your tablet. You can add food photo, description and their prices easily. Lets your customer call on waiter. Manage all contents of your menu and categories on cloud system.


  • Multi-languages Support
  • Survey Form
  • Instant update content based on the website
  • Define Unlimited Menu and sub categories
  • Calling waiter
  • Account Request
  • Table bill list
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    Multi-languages Support

    You can give menu description in Turkish, English, Deutsch, and Russian languages on all type of displays.

    Different Screen Sizes

    Support to screens from 3.5 inch to 65 inch.

    Rich Menu Contents

    Ingredients, Receipe, Service and Calorie information.

    Management System on web based

    Instant update menu information with using content management system.

    Unlimited Screen and Menu Management

    You can add new screen and its menu. Scalable tablet and menu system.

    Automatic Software Update

    Update software version automatically on all screens.

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    Screen Managment

    "Oceanic Signage" is a solution that manages the advertising, announcement and information systems of the companies over the screens. It has been created in a flexible structure so that you can define specific content and tasks


  • Corporate TV
  • Independent Screen Management
  • Video Wall Systems
  • Digital Menu Board
  • Interactive Solutions
  • Information Screens
  • Meeting Room Screens
  • 30% Complete
    50% Complete
    70% Complete
    90% Complete



    About Us

    about us

    Move your business to mobile

    “Oceanic Software" was established to provide software and hardware solutions using technological infrastructure in 2010 .

    It is offering mainly mobile solutions to customer and develops embedded and web softwares as well.

    With Studying of R&D of software and hardware, it serves best solutions to customer to meet their requests and needs.

    Our company, which has access to more than 1.5 million users in the sector with more than 100 applications in Apple Store and Google Play markets, aims to provide quality, effective and reliable service by embracing the new developing technology infrastructure.

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